Beach Day: Reflections of a Volunteer

Contributed by: Kelsey Coghill

Saturday was my husband Lee and I’s first beach day with OSO and we are so happy we went!

Lee is in his first term and has been studying like a mad man, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to.  Up until Saturday he had only been to the beach one time since getting to Grenada, so we had decided to go to the beach for a couple hours just to relax, get some sun, and take a break from studying… until he got the email reminder that it was Beach Day with the kids and we started thinking about it and decided we should go check it out.

We got to Grand Anse around 10am, not too early on a Saturday, it’s not like you can sleep in with the sun pouring in the windows any way, and the kids were already there anxious to play!  Some of the kids loved the water, jumping into the waves, splashing around and some just wanted to play in the sand collecting treasures and building sand castles, which they also quickly destroyed.

In the midst of their giggles and squeals, we truly enjoyed ourselves.  We were as carefree as the kids… running from the waves and getting covered in sand.  Studying was the furthest thing from Lee’s mind for about 2 hours, which is probably a record since starting classes!   So not only is it great for the kids, it’s good for a med student to take a play break too.

You can choose how active you want to be with the kids, if you don’t want to get in the water you can play in the sand or take a walk.  They all had on life jackets, so no life-guarding experience is necessary! and their sweet little smiles make it all worth it.


For more information visit:

You can also email the Orphanage Student Organization and request to be added to their mailing list in order to be kept up to date on information about Beach Day and other events that they organize:


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