Visiting Queen Elizabeth


Contributed by: Amber Gazo

Every Monday at 3PM a bus comes to the Upper Bus stop and takes us to the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children. I can honestly say it’s probably one of the things that I most look forward to on this island. Sure the waterfalls are great and so is the beach! But to meet these kids, you would understand what I’m saying within minutes of their smiling faces running over to give you a giant hug.

This past Monday was our first trip back since the term had started and the kids were just beyond excited to see us. As soon as they heard our voices they ran to the door with giant smiles and their lollipops in hand, showing off their treats as they got ready to come outside and play. That’s one of the great things about going to QE. These kids are just so eager to play! They love to show off their playground and swings as well as the goats down the hill that live in their neighbor’s yard. There’s a fence blocking them from being able to pet the goats but sometimes it seems like they view it as their own personal zoo, watching them with fascination and trying to feed them grass through the fence’s holes.

Sarah had brought them a kite from back home and I can honestly say I’ve never seen those kids so happy – and they’re always happy! Even when the kite got stuck in a tree ( which Michelle saved! ) they were ecstatic. They wanted to tell us all about what had been going on while we were gone and they had lots to say. A lot of them were excited for Grenada’s Independence Day and sang us some songs filled with pride for their country.

At one point they found a cardboard box and for the two hours we were there, made the most of it – even once it fell apart! We tried to see how many of us could fit into it at once, which of course had all the kids giggling and scrambling to try and hop in as well. Sadly, I was too big and had to leave the box. They climbed on rocks and re-enacted duels between Spiderman and Wicked Spiderman and begged us to push them on the swings.

We were all exhausted by the time the bus came to pick us up but it was well worth it! Seeing their faces light up every time you walk through that front gate just completely makes your day. All these kids want is some time and attention from you and it’s like you’ve given them a front row ticket to a Hannah Montana concert ( who they love and will even sing the songs for you! ). They’re polite and sweet and I adore them to death.

Whenever my friends ask if there’s anything they should do when they come to visit, I always answer the same thing: visit the kids at QE. Trust me when I say, it’s some of the most fun you’ll ever have!

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