Volunteering: A Gift From the Heart

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching… a holiday for lovers and friends to show how much they care. Some enjoy celebrating this day of romance and affection while others view it with disdain; perhaps because of the inherent sense of commercialism that seems to pervade the holiday.

I still think that Valentine’s Day can be meaningful. It’s all in the choices that you make. I’ve been asking my friends what they intend to do with their loved ones to celebrate… most people I know are planning to cook up a favourite meal or create a handmade gift as a token of their affection. Others are waiting for another round of exams to pass before they do something to celebrate with their special someone. The common theme that did catch my attention?… it seems that everyone is staying away from the store bought cards and candy and trying to do something that truly comes from the heart.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not consider volunteering your time to spread a little love. This Valentine’s Day weekend, the OSO will be having another beach day with the kids from the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children. We’ll be meeting on Saturday at 10am on the Grand Anse Beach to play and swim with the kids and then we’ll be helping them frost sugar cookies as a special Valentine’s Day treat. These children need all the reminders they can get that they are cared for and loved… what better way to create a Valentine’s Day memory you’ll never forget.

Volunteering is truly a gift from the heart and it’s something you can give all year round.


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