Volunteering at the Limes After School Program



Contributed by: Maria Hatler

I am so grateful for the opportunity that I had to be a volunteer instructor for the Limes After School Program. Being part of this program was such a rewarding experience. There are many life lessons that I gained by being a volunteer for this program and for that I am so grateful.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we would go to the Limes neighborhood for 2 hours to have some fun with the kids. Each day we did different activities that involved math, reading, crafts and relay races. The kids were always eager to do any of the activities that we had planned for them. Mickelle, a third-grade boy would always get so frustrated with me when I had activities that didn’t involve any math or reading. He will always tell me “Miss….I want to do work!” This goes to show how eager the kids are to learn new things. I can say that I fell in love with the kids at the Limes. I learned so much from them too. Not only did I learn from their courage but I was also able to understand more of the Grenadian culture because of them. I regret the fact that I was not involved in the Limes After School Program until my last semester in Grenada.

My advice to anyone interested in being involved in this program is to give it a try. At first it may seem a bit overwhelming but in the end you will love those kids so much that any hard work seems so worth it. To those new SO’s in Grenada, take advantage of all the volunteering opportunities in the Island. You will learn so much about the community and it will make your time in Grenada so much more enjoyable. Enjoy every moment in the land of paradise because there is nothing like it.


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