Contributed by: Veronika Simon

I came to join my fiancée in Grenada for a month and was hoping to get involved in some volunteer activities while on the island, so when I learned about SO’s volunteer efforts, I was thrilled!  I felt strange at the thought of not doing anything while he was so immersed in his studies and knew this would be the perfect balance to my stay on the island & am grateful for the opportunity!

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, but more importantly, to also give something back to a country that is hosting you! I believe that through volunteer interactions with the local community, you not only learn more about the country and culture, but also contribute to a larger cause! Even a single day of volunteering makes a difference!

Working with the children at Queen Elizabeth Home for Children and with the Limes After School Program was exactly what I was looking for. The programs are very well organized, which makes it easy for anyone to come and participate! It doesn’t matter if you come once, twice or regularly, the children and other SO volunteers will welcome you with open arms!

Spending time with these beautiful children always puts life into perspective for me and that is a gift I am grateful to take home. We take many things for granted in the U.S. and being with them and seeing their gentle smiles of joy and appreciation, humbles me.

If you have any spare time on your hands while on the island (even if you only have a little) and you enjoy spending time with children, please consider becoming involved. The children will be grateful, as will you!


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