balloons, lollipops and happy little smiles

Contributed by: Amber Gazo

I know I already wrote a post on here about visiting Queen Elizabeth but I felt it was high time for another one. Last week quite a few people came to the home with us and it was a wonderful time for the kids. Miss Heather and Miss Julia blew up tons of balloons for the children who oddly enough, all wanted to keep them untied. They enjoyed letting the air out and then blowing them back up themselves. It’s amazing to me how independent they can be. I find playing with them to generally be a very relaxing task. They usually just want to show you how they play and have you applaud them and smile while adding words of encouragement.

One boy in particular is extremely proud of the fact that he can now spell his name except he wishes there was an ‘a’ in it and keeps adding it between the letters. I’m not sure why he wants an ‘a’ in his name so badly but he does. I think it’s because it’s the first letter in the alphabet and probably what they’re learning to write at the moment. It’s just imprinted in his brain!

They also received lollipops ( or suckers or light bulbs ) from Miss Julia and couldn’t have been more excited about their tongues changing different colors. I have so many pictures of them sticking out their tongues from that day with gleeful little smiles plastered over their faces.

Some visiting parents tagged along and were treated to some Hannah Montana and Rihanna tunes, all sung beautifully by the kids. They proudly showed off the frangipani ( the local caterpillar ) which I’m completely grossed out by but they seem to love. Two were intertwined on one of the branches and one of the children screamed with delight, “Miss they’re kissing!”

Getting to know these kids will change your life. It’s already changing mine.


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