Wanna help out just by bringing something from home?

All of our volunteering organizations rely heavily on donated supplies and they are greatly appreciated. Some times this island proves to be too busy to lend some of your precious time, however you still can help out! If you would like to bring something to the island to help out a specific organization, it would be hugely appreciated! Some examples might be: treats or leashes for the animals at the GSPCA, games or school supplies for the Limes program or the orphanages, knitting/crotchet-ing supplies for the women of PAM (Programme for Adolescent Mothers), beach toys for the kids at OSO beach days or something else that might be helpful! All donations can be given to myself or any SOO board member and we can get it to the organization you would like it to go to, or you can drop it off yourself if you want to see the smiling thankful faces when you do. It doesn’t take much to change the world or lift a heart, so give if you can! If you would like some other ways to help, please contact me at johnengelbreit@yahoo.com or so.sgu.volunteer@gmail.com and have a great trip back to the island!




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