A good thing for everyone is a good thing for you too!!

Everyone know the benefits of volunteer work. Helping out by walking a dog who needs attention, reading with a child who needs interaction, or baking for a sale that will help a great cause; anyone can see how these things can help the local community as we spend our time abroad. Volunteering is also great for other personal reasons as well. Besides feeling great about helping and making a difference, volunteering your time is also a great résumé builder while you spend your time in Grenada! When you volunteer, your hours are logged and recorded. This can be a huge help with gaining employment in the future! Employers look very highly on giving your time to others as it shows great initiative as well as a selfless attitude. So come out and help, it’s a win-win cause it’ll make you and others feel good and it will help you in the future as well! If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at so.sgu.volunteer@gmail.com or johnengelbreit@yahoo.com.





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