What a week it has been!!

We started off the week taking our first visit to the Dorothy Hopkins Home along side of our Queen Elizabeth home visit. We had a really great turnout for our first trip! There were a couple SOs and some students that came with as well. One of the peace corp volunteers gave us a great tour and introduced us to all the residents. We received a lot of information and all the staff and residents we very welcoming to us and happy to have us there. I look forward to making it a weekly trip and I am going to try my best to split my time towards both places. Just a little tip, all the residents are BIG into Walker Texas Ranger, so be prepared!! As always anyone whom is interested can come to either Queen Elizabeth home for the children or Dorothy Hopkins home for the disabled. If anyone wants more information on the Dorothy Hopkins home for the disabled (the facility, activities we might do as well as information on some of the residents) please feel to contact me at johnengelbreit@yahoo.com.
We also had a great Valentines Day bake sale on February 12th that was a big success led by Kristina Fox. Proceeds went to GrenChap and several of our SO members donated their time, effort, and sugary goodness to the cause.
The Limes after school program had a Valentines day party where they made special valentines day cards for their sweeties! It was very touching and cute to see all their “Valen Times” cards. Can’t wait to hear about how they were received!
And as always on Friday (11am-12pm on Limes field) we met with the school of special needs where football (or soccer for those who haven’t been here that long) was the name of the game. It was a very close game of the “Tigers vs. the Elephants”(a mismatch if you ask me!) and the tigers pulled through in the end despite a valiant effort by the elephants! Much fun was had by all, although I am still hurting from the soccer game!! Next Friday we are doing races so if you would like to come and participate they are asking everyone to be there at 945-10am instead of our usual time at 11. And you should come if you want to see the biggest smiles on the island!!
And today was another great day at Queen Elizabeth/Dorothy Hopkins. At DH we did some occupational therapy with some of the younger residents and we hope to get some outside time next week. At QE we had a couple from the UK with a big suitcase of donations (and big hearts) join us with the kids this week. They waited very patiently until the end to get their treats and the home got some great clothes, books, and other goodies for the kids. All in all, it was a very busy week indeed!
As usual, get a hold of me if you would like to have any more information on any of our projects. If you have something that you would like to get involved with that isn’t listed, let me know and I will be glad to help. I can be reached at johnengelbreit@yahoo.com or so.sgu.volunteer@gmail.com.
Finally, thank you to all who have helped in any way to any of our causes. Whether you come to all the events or just make some sweets for our bake sale, you are helping out some people who are in need and it is appreciated by them and our organization so much. We couldn’t make any of this happen without you!


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