QE Spring Party and other stuff…

Although it has been a bit since the last post we are still trucking along with our usual weekly volunteering events which are always listed in your weekly email. And we are about to have our Spring party for Queen Elizabeth! It will be Saturday April 8th (we will not be going on April 1st at all in light of the school holiday).
Also with the term nearing to an end, I want to get a few more GSPCA trips going so we can give those puppies some love! Right now I have April 10h as a tentative date and I will post more about this on Facebook. Let me know if you are interested in driving and it’s ok if you need a ride but we just ask if you could bring some EC dollars to help with any gas cost. Also the GSPCA has a great book collection that they sell at 5EC a book to help cover the costs of the clinic so check them out when you go!
Lastly I want to get everyone thinking about heading to Father Mulligans at the end of April. Still working out a date but transportation will be provided and all are welcome. More details to come!! Hope to see you all at our events!!


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