Still time to help!!

Although the term is coming to a close, there is still plenty to do if you would like to help. QE orphanage visits on Mondays (meeting 2:45pm in front of Charter Hall), Limes After School Program Tuesday through Thursday (meeting in Limes field behind the Rubis from 3-5), and recess with the School of Special Needs Fridays at 11 (also in Limes field) programs all still continuing! If you have never been to one or want more information email me at
Happy Earth day to everyone!! If anyone is interested in environmentally based volunteering, ECO SGU does a lot of environmentally based projects and events and are always looking for people to help or participate. Like their Facebook page and keep updated on all their events. They have details on the Re-Use program that will give items that are usually discarded to farmers and vendors at the markets who would be able to benefit greatly from them. Examples of goods being collected are glass bottles with caps, egg cartons, and plastic bags. The collection dates run until May 3rd. More details can be found at ECO SGU Facebook page.
A few weeks ago we had our Queen Elizabeth home Easter party which was a huge success! The kids had cookies, candy, and a fun Easter egg hunt that everyone loved. We also gave them their shoes that were all donated through the shoe drive we had a while ago. A big thanks to all that were involved we couldn’t have done it without you guys, and the shoes put some big smiles on their faces!
I am planning a trip to the GSPCA next week and it looks like the 30th might be a good day to go if that works with everyone else who is interested. Ill post more information on the SO Facebook page and hopefully we will see you!
Lastly, there are plenty of organizations that are looking to receive donations as we all prepare to leave the island. The OSO will be doing some collection days for some of the homes and I am in contact with CPA and REACH Grenada to coordinate donations received by me to be picked up by them so that they can be disbursed throughout the other homes on the island. Email me if you have any questions.
Happy studying to all the students and I hope your last few weeks are great!









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