Eco Week!!

Now that we are well into September, all of our volunteering events are running at full steam! There are many events to choose from, and we are always in need of volunteers to help us out. Just a reminder, we have our Queen Elizabeth and Dorothy Hopkins home visits every Monday from 3-5. Meet in front of Charter Hall at about 2:45pm if you would like to join us! Kristin and Fida are also hard at work providing wonderful activities for the Limes after school program which runs Tuesday through Thursday from 3-5 in Limes field right behind the Rubis gas station. And also the School of Special needs (also located in Limes field) is looking for more volunteers to help with their field time in Fridays from 11am-noon. Come to get a workout and have a great time!!
An addition to our usual volunteering activities, this coming week (September 16th-22nd) we are having a special Eco week with all of our volunteer efforts. On Monday at Queen Elizabeth we will learn the importance of reusing old materials with a fun craft. At Limes this week, Fida and Kristin have organized a nature scavenger hunt and cookie decorating (they are making Earths of course). And Kayla and Megan, our Family Coordinators, have teamed up with me to organize a Eco-clean up day with the families on Sunday September 22nd! We will be doing some clean up, sharing a healthy snack, and learning about pollution and what we can do to help clean up our planet! I hope to see a lot of people there to enjoy the event.
Lastly, we were hoping to go to the GSPCA this past week, but they only had 3 dogs on the day we planned in going. Fortunately, it was because so many of them had been adopted out, which is great. If you would like to visit, they are always happy to have dog walkers there. We will hopefully schedule a successful GSPCA visit soon.
Thanks again to all our volunteers for their amazing help. See you this week!





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