First day of school? Covered!

The Significant Others Organization volunteer group headed made its first official trip to Queen Elizabeth Home for Children this week, and the kids were very excited to see us!

It was the first day of school for most of them, so there already was plenty of homework — from math, to writing sentences, even a little Spanish thrown in just to keep everyone on their toes.

Although the rain almost limited everything indoors, the sun came out just in time during the last half hour, and we all were able to go outside, and play all kinds of games in and around the amazing pavilion on the campus. One of our volunteers headed straight to the bicycles, repair kit in hand, making sure each one was ridable and safe.

We make this trip every Monday, and will be doing it again next week. So if you’d like to join us, register here!

We provided 14 hours of volunteer service on this one trip, but we can help provide even more! We’d love for you to take part!