Honoring a woman who made Grenada a true home

With our first official visit to the Dorothy Hopkin Centre for the Disabled this week, it was impossible to not think about the woman who brought it all together, and made it all happen: Dorothy Hopkin.

If you type Ms. Hopkin’s name into Google, you really don’t get a lot. In fact, Google thinks you’ve actually made a typo, and suggests you find someone else instead.

But that seems to be the kind of leader and innovator Ms. Hopkin was: working behind the scenes, and ensuring her actions spoke louder than she ever would.

Ms. Hopkin founded the home in 1963. Grenada was a much different island back then. In fact, it was still a British colony, more than a decade away from seeing independence.

But the need for a loving, caring home for residents who needed a little extra attention to their daily lives was greatly needed, and Ms. Hopkin looked to fill that void.

More than 50 years later, the Dorothy Hopkin Centre is one of the great pillars that lift Tempe and the surrounding neighborhoods in the parish. Each day, the people who staff the center not only work to make residents comfortable, but to also help each one grow every single day.

Ms. Hopkin passed away in 1995, but she would have to be excited to see how well the center — and its amazing residents — are doing 20 years later.

We are there every Wednesday, but all of us wish we could be there more often. When it’s time to go, you don’t want to leave. So thank goodness there’s always next week, and a chance to not only make a difference in the life of someone at the center, but for someone at the center to make a difference in yours.

Register today and join us for our next trip! Trust us, you’ll never want to miss a week going there again!