Every Volunteer Hour Counts

One of the many things that make the Significant Others Organization a great organization is the chance to give something back to this great island of Grenada that we call home for a good part of the year.

SGU has been great in working with our organization, and even supplied us with an additional bus so that we can make our weekly trip to Dorothy Hopkin Centre once again.

But in order for us to keep that bus going this term (and have it available for future terms), we really need your help!

Each Wednesday morning, we visit the wonderful residents at Dorothy Hopkin — men, women and children who don’t really get a lot of outside visitors. And while we can get a good group of people to play with children or even walk dogs, we want our weekly trips to DH to be just as special and just as important.

The volunteers who have made at least one trip to DH so far this year have been wonderful, and if you are one of those people, then you know how rewarding of a trip it is.

And really, it takes just a couple hours out of your day. We meet in front of Charter Hall at 9:45 a.m., with the bus leaving at 10. We get there around 10:30, and stay until lunchtime. We’re then back just in time to enjoy some great pizza at Glover’s, or to make a relaxing trip over to Sugar Shack.

So far we’ve logged 28 hours of volunteer time at DH in three weeks. That is great, but we really want to make it more.

Will you take a little time this Wednesday and join us?

If so, let us know! You can register here.

Every hour we give to Dorothy Hopkin Centre matters — and we need you to help provide as many hours of fellowship and fun with these wonderful people as possible.

Can we count on you this week?