Sharing Christmas With Everyone … And We Mean Everyone

The trees. The carols. Maybe not quite the snow.

No matter where you are in the world, someone somewhere is celebrating Christmas. They are sharing presents, song and cheer.

As children, we remember sitting on the lap of the fat bearded man wearing the funny red clothes. We told him everything we wanted on Christmas morning, and then barely slept the rest of the month, hoping when he came down the chimney, he’d have those popular toys in tow.

Sadly, there are many kids who not only never get these presents, but don’t even have a chance to ask. Imagine growing up with people rarely asking you what you wanted for Christmas.

That is life in an orphanage, unfortunately. And one the Significant Others Organization wants to change this year at Queen Elizabeth Home for Children.

We are working closely with Girl Scout Troop 22141 located in the small Pennsylvania town of Johnsonburg. Why this remote place? Because it’s where one of our volunteer co-coordinators grew up, and his sister is a Girl Scout troop leader there.

The Scouts will be busy making ornaments next week that will go on an angel tree, graciously hosted by a local business. Each ornament will have the first name of a child here in Grenada, his or her age, and three gifts they would like to receive.

Generous people in and around Johnsonburg will then take an ornament, buy one of the three gifts, and either bring it back to the store, or call to have a Girl Scout come pick it up.

Once toys are collected, the Scouts will package it all up and ship it right here to Grenada, just in time for distribution at the beginning of December (yes, Christmas comes early here!)

We are so grateful to Girl Scout Troop 22141 and the local business, Jundzillo’s Yarn and Gifts. We will promote the toy drive in Pennsylvania, and hope for a great turnout.

But we still need your help! 

This coming Monday, we will put together wish lists for each and every one of the kids. Because we don’t want them all asking for the same thing (and being influenced by others), we need to take each one aside separately, and try to get their three gift requests in a short period of time.

And we still need volunteers to help the kids with homework and to spend time with them, which is part of our usual Monday trip.

So even if you have not participated in a trip to Queen Elizabeth Home before, this could be a great time to start! You can volunteer to help with homework and play, or to help build wish lists. Either way, we could really use your help this coming Monday!

We meet in front of Charter Hall at 2:45 p.m., with the bus leaving at 3. We might stay a tad bit later this week to ensure we get all the wish lists, so we’ll likely be heading back around 5:15 or so from Tempe.

Would you like to help us? We can certainly use it! Register for Monday’s trip right here, and you can help make a wonderful Christmas for the great kids at QEH!