Thanksgiving, Your Student … And Volunteering!

It might be another month before Thanksgiving in the United States, but as we’re sure you know, Thanksgiving is Monday here in Grenada.

The holiday is typically celebrated on Oct. 25. But this year, that day is on a Sunday, so Thanksgiving moves to Oct. 26. While American Thanksgiving is more to do with early settlers getting along with Native Americans, the Grenadian Thanksgiving is actually marking the anniversary of the 1983 U.S. invasion of Grenada.

It’s not clear how much of the island actually celebrates the holiday, but many stores will be closed or have reduced hours. And there will be no classes at SGU.

But those wonderful kids at Queen Elizabeth Home for Children will still be at the home, and they’re looking forward to getting a visit from our great group of volunteers.

Of course we know, this is a rare day off to spend with our students. And we’re with you. But this also is a chance to show your student what we all do while they’re in class. So why not plan to come to QEH … and bring your student with you? 

That’s right. Monday is “Bring Your Student” day. We meet in front of Charter Hall at 2:45 p.m., with the bus leaving at 3 p.m. And we head back from Tempe at 5 p.m., meaning that your student will only lose a little studying time — and still have a chance to do something nice.

Because we have only a small bus that takes us, registration is important. If we have more than the bus can fill (which is us being very optimistic), we will have to arrange for additional transportation. But we need to know that in advance, so please register (both you and your student!)

And make some time to spend with the kids at QEH on Thanksgiving. You wouldn’t want to be alone on the holiday either, would you?