Creating Fondness For Home By Getting Away

For the first time this term, we had a chance to take our friends at the Dorothy Hopkin Centre for the Disabled out of their house, and down the road to the soccer pitch. We’ve talked about doing it a number of times, but Mother Nature seems to get in the way.
Last week, however, we weren’t going to let that happen. Even with the skies threatening, and a little bit of Seattle-like rain falling upon the shoulders of the volunteers while we got the residents ready.
Every week we visit Dorothy Hopkin, we meet the residents in this great activity room downstairs. There’s a beautiful wood table, and plenty of room for Katie, Mary, Michael, Rafael, and others. Sometimes, we’ll move that table out of the way so we can play Hot Potato, or Duck Duck Goose. Games they look forward to, with the help of Ted’s iPod Mini.
But our Dorothy Hopkin friends really never get a chance to leave the house, let alone that room. Yes, it’s their home (and it’s a great home at that), but even a wonderful home gets better when you spend some time away from it.
With that in mind, we gathered everyone up, made sure they had their sneakers on, and rolled down to the pitch (knowing that we would have to roll back up the hill later). It was hot, we had to find shade a couple times, but I don’t think any of the volunteers who helped out last week can get how big the smiles were out of their minds.
Someone told me recently that it was hard for them to do Dorothy Hopkin because we leave first thing in the morning. And we do … we gather Wednesdays at 9:45 a.m., leave at 10, and then head back to campus at lunchtime.
And I know what that person means. I hate waking up in the mornings. I want to get my sleep, especially since I work late, and spend half the night on the phone with other parts of the world where it’s not so late.
But you know what, I’ve never woke up on a Wednesday morning and thought, “Hmmm, I think I’m going to take a week off.” I mean, I could — and there would be nothing wrong with it, as we all should volunteer when we want to (and take breaks when we want to). But then I think about Katie. I think about Mary. I think about Michael, Rafael, and the others … they love seeing us each week. They love spending time with all of us.
And we see it every single time we arrive, and see how big their smiles get. If that’s not motivation to do something, I don’t know what is.
Of course, this is something you have to see for yourself. And you can do that this week, this Wednesday …
We meet in front of Charter Hall at 9:45 a.m., and we’ll be back at lunchtime.
Whether you join us each week, maybe joined us a few times, or this is your first trip — we would love to have you.
Register here … and will see you on Wednesday with your weekly trip to Dorothy Hopkin!