Legal Disclaimer – QEH

We enjoy having all of our volunteers join us each week on our visits to the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children. However, we have to pay special attention to the different rules we set out for our visit each week.

These rules are important to ensure that we can continue making these trips, without putting the home — or its amazing residents — in jeopardy.

SGU has asked all volunteers to agree to the following photo policy below. Our photo policy is something you likely already know (and should, before you join us). But because there were some issues with this policy in the past term, we are formalizing the process.

You will need to check each box, which signifies your acknowledgement of what each term is. At the bottom, you will then need to type in your name, email and date — which will act as your signature to this form. Just to note that we may ask volunteers to sign a paper version of this as well.

Thanks for taking a minute to read through this, and to learn about all our rules and expectations for QEH, click here!