Volunteering On Your Own?


Are you volunteering on your own? That is great! And if you’re an SO, we’d like to know the details so that we can make sure your amazing work and dedication is recognized!

Please fill out the form below, and in the “Volunteer Details” box, include dates, places and how many hours you put in so far in the Fall 2015 term.

If you haven’t submitted any hours to us yet, and need to catch up — put in as many as you can on this form, and submit a second one if you need to.

Otherwise, please feel free to submit at least once a month (or you can do it every week, or as often as you volunteer — whatever is best for you).

This way, we can keep track of all the volunteering that’s being done by SOs, even if you’re not with one of our organized events. This information helps show the impact the SO group has on the overall community, and could help with future funding of not only the organization, but volunteering as well. So thank you for bookmarking this page, and using this form often!